With the name of Allah the most beneficient and most merciful, 
بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

*several days before Twins of Faith*

“ouh!  My twin is Alia Mahri~! Hermmmmmmm.. let’s stalk her (in facebook) “

----------------------14 minutes later--------------------------

“Awkaay, so she’s kinda cool.. hehe.. her posts mostly are inspiring quotes from Inche Gabanna (Angel Wears Gucci) . I think we’re cool  together, hoyeah~!”
So yeah the journey begun all the way from Ipoh to Kuala Lumpur  *sounds so far right xD* so we sat next to each other, and I started the ice-breaking conversation (is it o.0? I think so)..  so her name is quite long (not just Alia Mahri) and I was like “ your facebook’s name is the shorter version of it laaaa?”  HAHAHHAA I was so surprised to know that I’m not the only one who have extremely long name  *exaggerated*

I don’t know why, I just love to know the meaning behind people’s names. So this is the outcome of my ‘interrogation’
AMIRAH = leader
ALIA = highness
 (like the du’a after athaan : wa sharafad darajatal AALIYATA rrafiah = grant him position which is HIGH and praiseworthy)

She likes BLUE, she’s from ‘Ganu Kite’ :D
What I find meaningful during the conversation is that we kind of share the same opinions and somehow we can empathize each other *ecechhh*, like she can put herself in my situation (and vice versa). Betul laaaaaa, toksey cayo, sudoh, nok wat guano.. xD

I asked her, “Alia, what do you expect from Twins of Faith?” she laughed a little, was not expecting my question I guess, haha, and her eyeballs moved upward, thinking. Not taking much time, she smiled and answered “Because this is my first Jaulah, I just want to experience it, feel it *touché*. Next, I want to meet the awesome speakers and lastly I want to have beneficial things to share after the event

Masya ALLAH sister *Sheikh Alaa’s tone*, I love you.. haha so is that ALL? Like takkan tu je?? Naahhh we shared SOOOO MUCHHHH  tahap gigantism and its private and confidential :D (yknow, like pillow-talk-kind of thingy? Yeah..)

Lastly, Alhamdulillah praise to ALLAH the Most Merciful (tengkiusomac ALLAH) for giving me so much opportunity  to understand what ukhuwah really is compared to friendship . To be honest, I once a friendship-obsessed type of person. Eh? (pehe ko dok?)U asked me what so wrong about it? Of course it’s wrong because when we become obsess, we tend to get easily disturbed by it. For example, when something happen with our friendship, we become ‘tacing’ (over-hyper-extremely-sensitive) because our friendship is emotion-based . ish3 -,- “   YOU DON’T LOVE YOUR FRIENDS SOLELY BECAUSE OF ALLAH . So you don’t teach yourself the concept of ukhuwwah taught by our As Syahid Imam Hassan Al Banna :

“the lowest level of an ukhuwah is to love our friends for who they are (ie berlapang dada). and the highest level of ukhuwah is to put others first before yourselves (ie ithar).”

"Serendah-rendah ukhuwah itu kamu berbaik sangka terhadap saudara kamu dan setinggi ukhuwah kamu mendahulukan saudaramu melebihi dirimu sendiri (ithar)."

During the whole Jaulah , I can see that Alia as sincere as she can , to put me first before herself . *srottt (T.T)* She doesn’t mind the presence of my best friend (from UIA) between us (haha sounds like 3rd person ) p.s : we were supposed to be with our twin most of the time
Alia also bought me cakes and refuse to take my money *DOUBLE SROTTT (TT.TT)*. May ALLAH bless you Alia <3 May our ukhuwah brought us all to jannah insyaALLAH biiznillah~ <3 <3 <3

HOYEAHHH~! Peace be upon you too blogwalkers :B


16022012 : 1257