A Day in Paradise by Sh Tawfique Chowdury

With the name of Allah, The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful.

Assalamualaikum w.bt.
This article is specially written for those people who are seeking for His love and bless. May Allah grant all of you happiness in dunya and hereafter especially, which we would be in Jannah insyaAllah..:),, this post is closely related to a talk during Twins of Faith Malaysia 2012 Convention in PICC conducted by Sh Tawfique Chowdury, founder and chairmain of Mercy Mission.

A Day in Paradise…A Life in Heaven…..An Eternal Happiness in Jannah!!

Allah Subhannallah!

 "And whoever desires the Hereafter and strives for it as he ought to strive and he is a believer; (as for) these, their striving shall surely be accepted." [17:19]

I start with a simple question: Why Allah s.w.t creates us?
And a simple answer would be…
Because…. He wants us to go to Jannah, He wants us to live there with Him..^_^, He did not create us to go to Jahannam. He loves us very much, He wants his servants to be close to Him and of course it is only in Jannah. There is no more ibadah in Jannah; no more hijab, zero solah and no fasting at all. And you know why? Because it is in Jannah is our eternal home and village, where we would spend the rest of our life with the love ones and of course with our Greatest Creator, ALLAH!

Oo Allah…I feel like deep inside me there’s a feeling where I really miss this place. I feel like I’ve been there before and I want to live there forever with you Allah, my love. It is a place where there’s no one in this world that could ever imagine or think about it. The Prophet (salAllahu alayhi wasalam) told us that within Paradise are things that no eyes have ever seen, nor ears have ever heard, and that things in it are beyond our imagination and comprehension, but we all have our own personal ideas of what eternal bliss would probably be like.

Allah has described Jannah in many places in Quran and now has a look what He stores for His believers:

·         "The description of Paradise which the Muttaqoon have been promised is that in it are rivers of water, the taste and smell of which are never changed. Rivers of milk the taste of which will remain unchanged. Rivers of wine that will be delicious to those who drink from it and rivers of clear, pure honey. For them will be every kind of fruit and forgiveness form their Lord." [ 47:15]

·         "Verily, the dwellers of Paradise that Day, will be busy in joyful things. They and their wives will be in pleasant shade, reclining on thrones. They will have therein fruits (of all kinds), and all that they will ask for. (It will be said to them): "Salamun" (Peace be on you), a Word from the Lord, Most Merciful." [36:55-58]

·         Wearing the finest silk clothing and sitting on chairs made of gold and precious stones? Those who disbelieve in the words of Allah, say that this is all a fairy-tale, made up by a would-be prophet. But we know, that Allah is the Truthful and that His Messenger, sallallahu alayhe wa sallam, spoke only what was revealed to from the Most Truthful. And even though Allah describes Paradise for us in the Qur'an, He still says, "So no soul knows the delights of the eyes which is hidden for them; a reward for what they did." [32:17]

The highlights on “A day in Paradise” are:

1. There're so many level of paradise. Each paradise has its own gates. Distance of each gate is about 500 years.
2. There's a little boy and little girl serving you a food
3. Jinn can't see us anymore, only we be able to see Jinn if we want to
4. When you see a tree and think that you want to eat some fruits, you will see fruits on that tree and the tree will bend and give you the fruits. JUST THINK.
5. Whenever you see a bird fly, JUST THINK and the bird will come to you as a BBQ if it is what you THINK. (Sheikh: Dont worry about your weight).
6. In Jannah, there's one tree called Tubaa tree (dont know how to spell it). This tree only grow for a soil of jannah (made up from saffron)
7. There's a Jannah from golden also from silver
8. There's so many pearl and ruby decorating the whole Jannah. If the Jannah is from silver so the pearl and ruby are in silver look.
9. A tent that made up of pearl, so high so tall, about 600ft tall. Sheikh mentioned that inside that tent, you'll meet your first wife.
10. If you see or know the beauty of women in paradise (including your wife), you'll die
11. The beauty of women in Jannah; white eyes, beautiful nose, amazing lips etc
12. We always young (if not mistaken; ~30)
13. River in paradise-can sees through
14. Pregnancy in 1 hour (if that what you want to)
15. You can have as many children you want to
16. You can freeze their ages (let say, you want to freeze to the 2 years old because you want to play with your children on that age-It’s possible)

Subhanallah! Can’t we see that how great He is? How much He loves us and wants us to be happy eternally? And yet we are still not grateful for what He has given to us. Oo my dear Muslims, this dunya is only for a while and always remember that the akhirah is our final destination. Don’t hesitate to do jihad or da’wa because there’s always a reward for what you have did.^_^Because He saw it.

 If you love Allah, you do whatever Allah asked and said. It is like when you fall in love with someone and you are willing to do anything for him or her and it is all because you love her and want to make her happy. You don’t feel any burden at all because you are really in love with him or her. We should do the same to Allah especially. You don’t perform solah, wear hijab or recite Quran because you have to, but it is because you love Allah and everything you do is because of Him.

“Oo Allah..Let us enter your Paradise and please don’t deny us...”

-Fairuza (Iefa)-