Twins of Faith 2012 -For The Love Of God-


Allah S.W.T said in the Quran,

“O ye who believe! Save yourselves and your families from a Fire whose fuel is Men and Stones, over which are (appointed) angels stern (and) severe, who flinch not (from executing) the Commands they receive from Allah, but do (precisely) what they are commanded.”

In this ayat, Allah S.W.T clearly states that the fuel for the hellfire is human. The more men being threw into the hellfire, the more the fire’s flare. Allah states in this verse to save ourselves and our families from Jahannam. But that will only happen with His Command. If He does not want them to be saves, they will not be saved. Then, how do we want to help our families from the hellfire? Du’a. Always make du’a (prayer) to ourselves as well as for our families and what’s important is, trust Him.
Family. What obstruct our minds when we hear the word ‘family’? A warm relationship, the loves that spread among the family members, a close relationship with the one who knew us since the day we were born, that is what I’m thinking. What about you? 

But what happen in the real world today...

                In a restaurant, there is the father, the mother and the children. But each of them is busy with their gadgets. Every single one of them is with Iphone, smartphones, Galaxy Note, etc watching Youtube. The children are left and free to watch and to discover anything without boundaries. No communication as what we would expect. Kids today are so gadget-loving. If they are not controlled, it will be worse. Imagine a naive kid watch some brutal videos. What impact does that has on the kid’s mental development? While family, being in a restaurant should be happily chitchatting among each other, lively! That should be a stepping stone to enhance and strengthen the bond within the family members. But what happen in the world today?

As we know, every single authentic hadith will go back to the people who were closed to Rasulullah s.a.w. This indicates that Rasulullah s.a.w maintain good relationship with families and friends. Why not us? We say that we love Rasulullah saw. But why don’t we follow the sunnah?

Another point to ponder is why we would dress up so well to go out but not at home with our family? It seems like we pleased those we don’t know and flatter the strangers but we don’t please or flatter the one that loves us the most. A wife or a husband that loves us the most we treated them like trash. Same goes to the way we treated our parents. We don’t treat them the way they are suppose to be treated.

There are several categories with whom that we must maintain good relationship. The first one is the father-in-law and son-in-law relationship. This kind of relationship is the relationship that most of us think that it’ll start after marriage. Well, it’s not. It must start before marriage. But it is not always colourful but it is important to get the blessing from the father-in-law. As we know, the father-in-law of Rasulullah pbuh was Abu Bakr as-siddiq. Abu Bakr r.a was Rasulullah pbuh best friend and the companion of the prophet during Hijrah. During the end of life of Rasulullah saw, Abu Bakr would read the Quran for Rasulullah and kissed the forehead of the prophet pbuh. But now, when the father-in-law passed away, the son-in-law would say, “Alhamdulillah”.

             The next category is the relationship between the wife and the husband. I know this has nothing to do with us. But, it’s worth knowing as it would be something useful when we want to get married. First thing first, do not ever raise our voices especially when the kids are around. This is a basic rule of establishing respect towards each other for the husband and the wife. As if you cannot sit down to talk and discuss nicely. Don’t just shout to the husband or wife when things are not the way you want. Just sit down together and relax when there is something that you do not favor of is done by the wife or the husband. You can just talk and discuss when there is something that you don’t see eye to eye. What important is, without the presence of the children. Not just that, you also cannot just order the wife or the husband to do something. That is disrespect to the partner, treating him or her like a slave. Instead, you can say something like, “I like it when you bring back flowers (or any other thing that might be done)”. For instance, our Prophet PBUH didn’t yell or scream, call her by her name or insult the wives even though when the time Aisya r.a broke the dish that is cooked by another wife due to jealousy. Subhanallah. Rasulullah even drink at the same spot where his wife drank on the same cup or vessel! See. Rasulullah s.a.w is so romantic. The best husband ever!

And for the last but not least category is the parents and children relationship. Mothers of Imam Syafi’e and Imam Malik taught their children ‘adab’ before learning. But now, the mothers urge the children to learn and acquire knowledge before ‘adab’. Now, we don’t even know how to correct people nicely. Mothers during Imam Ahmad days sent their children to other people to be taught with ‘adab’. How many of the mothers today raise up their children by their own? Very little. Mostly will send their children to the day care centre. Later in life, the children will send the parents to the old folks home. That is the karma. Ask ourselves, are we devoting ourselves to our parents? And parents, are you devoting yourselves to your kids? Look at the children. They should be taught with ‘adab’ from young age. And for the children, look at our moms. How many times they changed our diapers? How many times they woke at midnight just to take care of us when we are sick? How many times they made our milk when we were a baby? How many times they put up with us? Countless times right? But what have we done to them? What have we contributed to them are not much compare to what they have done for us. 

How many of us text their mother and say how much they love their mothers? Why don’t we text our mothers how much we love them? It is very simple. Just text her and say that we love her. Is that hard? 

Now that we have grew up, we cannot just lock ourselves in our room when we get home. Don’t just go home and keep ourselves quiet and not talking to our family especially to our parents. Don’t let silence make us the bystander. Islam teach us to be nice to our families. 

‘All of us are shepherd and we are responsible for each of the flock.’ That means that each of us as a caliph is responsible for others. We cannot just sit back without do nothing to others especially our family. We cannot just ignore them. They are our family.

There were three messages that were given by Sheikh Daood to us. Firstly, do deen at home. Don’t just go home and do nothing. Love our family. Secondly, care for educating the children and lastly, educate the wives.

 ~By: Yasmin & kak Cam~